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Preternatural Deluxe Bonus CD Album

CD $7.99

Release Date: 03/02/2017

Discs: 1

The bonus CD from the Deluxe European 2CD version of Preternatural.

1. Behemooth (Live Studio Version)
2. Underwater Painter (Fleetfoot Reanimation)
3. L'Amore Del Pesce Palla (Pufferfish Love)
4. Catastrophe Architecture (Silk - Hannah Moulette Remake)
5. Navigators
6. Kãds, Ko Tu Mīli (Some Who You Love)
7. En Gömd Värld (Hidden World)
8. Medusa (Instrumental)
9. Patterns (Niggle mix)
10. Lady Vengeance (Live from Vancouver Island)
11. Rite Of Passage (Live from Vancouver Island)
12. Navigators II
13. Paradiesvogel (Bird of Paradise)
14. Behemooth (Champion Fever/ Pet Midler Remix)
15. Pufferfish Love (Will Foster & Mike Dennis Remix)
16. Murmur (Demo)